pharmacy test series


general pharmacology pharmacokinetics absorption part 3 lesson

General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics Absorption Part 3 Lesson, video is full lesson about absorption of drugs in body. Absorption is a part of pharmacokinetic in general pharmacology.

general pharmacology pharmacokinetics distribution of drugs

General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics Distribution of Drugs Lesson, video is about complete distribution process of drugs in body such as factors of drug distribution, mechanism of drug distribution etc.

general pharmacology pharmacokinetics metabolism of drugs

General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics Metabolism of Drugs, video is related to bio-transformation of drugs. It shows complete of metabolism. Mainly it occurs in liver and various chemical reactions are involved in it.

general pharmacology pharmacokinetics excretion of drugs

General Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics Excretion of Drugs, video is about elimination procedure and mechanism. It tells that after metabolism, how a drug is eliminated.

general pharmacology pharmacodynamics lesson

General Pharmacology Pharmacodynamics Lesson video by professor CS Bhan to the pharmacy, medical, dental, nursing and all students who are engaged in healthcare studies. Pharmacodynamics lesson contains a study about receptors, drug action on body, drug response curve study etc.

antihypertensive drugs lesson part 1

Antihypertensive Drugs Lesson Part 1 by Professor CS Bhan video consider detailed discussion of general introduction and classification of antihypertensive drugs. Video is recorded in notes format so it may be useful for easy learning and remembering for students.